What SEO Service Should I Choose for My Website?

Search Engine Optimization – Is Your Business Utilizing SEO Services

The savvy business owner will understand the value of Effective SEO on their website business. With Google, at least, there are two main ways of driving traffic to your website. One way that many of us are aware of is paid Google adds. The other is by applying savvy SEO tactics to the website so that Google likes your website. What does that mean?

Firstly, why does Google decide to elevate one website above another in the search results? When we search for something, anything, Google brings up 10 organic listing. These are the listings that Google has decided deserve to be there. But why those sites?

The reason is because Google considers those sites on page 1 to be of the highest authority website providing you (the searcher) with the most relevant information. This is what Google must do for you the searcher otherwise Google is not doing its job, you will at least be frustrated and you will probably go to another search engine that gives you what you want. So far, the BIG G dominates the world of search engines around the globe.



OK, now we have established Googles role we can ask then how does Google make its assessment of which website has AUTHORITY and RELEVANCE. Google themselves admit they use over 2000 pieces of information that they gather about websites to determine a websites authority and relevance. This is where search engine optimisation (SEO) comes in

The Role of SEO

Assuming we are correct about the above, a professional SEO will be concerned with undertaking certain work, tasks, treatments and promotions of a website in an effort to give the website relevance and authority.

Now the question is where to find an SEO who has the knowledge and skill to craft enough relevance and authority to a website for google to lift the site into page one.

The savvy business owner will want to find a savvy SEO like Byron Bay SEO if the business owner wants to see their website ranking on page 1 and therefore, reaping the benefits on being there.

What Are The Benefits of a Page One Search Position?

In one word “TRAFFIC” you have the possibility to sell you products and services to the people who land on your web page. The amount of traffic looking for any one particular item can be less than 10 per month or could be tens of thousands. If you offer underwater basket weaving lessons then it is likely to be very low searches and if you built your website around that topic you are likely to rank at No1 in the searches because there is unlikely to be anyone else doing it.

On the other hand, if you want to rank highly for cheap car loans where there is tons of searching traffic which means there will have a lot of competition and a brand new website against all the established authority will have great difficulty in getting anywhere near page 1.

At what level of competition is your business niche. To really answer that question you need the services of an SEO. A professional and competent SEO will analyse the market, find out who is looking for what in your niche in your area of operation. Are you a local business or national or global?.

With this information, an SEO will be able to pinpoint the keywords and the topical content of your website pages. This is very important because you need to be very clear in what you say on your website because google reads your content.

In a nutshell, this is called on page SEO. It is the crafting of the site structure, keywords content and meta data that is so important to get right to begin with.

The next level of SEO is all about attracting links from other high authority websites to your site. There is so much advice out there about how to do this, much of it by people who have never ranked a website using the methods they promote.

In The World of High-Level SEO

SEO experts, that is the ones who have a proven track record are worth their weight in gold if not more due to the difference they can make between having your website buried down the pages or being at the top and getting all the business. What do they do that the others don’t?

In addition to being very skilled at on page SEO they all understand one VERY important aspect of SEO and that is how to get those high powered links. This is called off-page SEO.

The Secrete of High Search Engine Ranking

Yes, its links from high powered websites in your niche and one way of obtaining these links is through “private blog networks” or PBN’s. In the SEO world, buying and selling of links is big business. Even the big agencies buy links for their client sites to do the job that they don’t even know how to do.

What is a PBN?

A private blog network is usually a bunch of high authority privately owned domains that specialise in all kinds of niches operated by firms that rent out articles with links to customer websites. A high-quality PBN network is made up of domains that are rich in content have been established for an extended period of years and possess a range of high metrics as far as search engines are concerned.

In practice, it is accepted that sending links from such high PR domains is the most powerful and speedy way of transferring authority and relevance to your website. The good thing is that you can buy this kind of links yourself from vendors who sell link packages.


A Link Package Could Be the Perfect Option for Your Website

SEO packages for your website

SEO packages for your website

What are Link Packages

Link packages consist of a certain number of links that you can purchase as a package. The package will usually include written articles about your niche and topic with titles that you can stipulate and a range of keywords you can have included. These articles which link to your website are rolled out over time to look like a natural progression and then over time their cumulative effect will raise your website’s rankings.

How to Choose a Reputable Link Package Provider

Firstly they will be experts in SEO. Secondly they will have a track record. When looking for a provider make sure that you are quoted the following metrics of the PBN websites that your links are coming from. Do NOT proceed with packages that will not make it clear what their site metrics are and will guarantee it.



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