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If You Want Business off Your Website, You Need Backlinks

Do You Want Business Off Your Website? You Need Backlinks!

Backlinks are essential for any website, as they are the most important factor for ranking in Google. If you care about your business, you have to start acquiring backlinks as soon as possible. If you don’t, your domain is never going to have enough authority to rank for the most lucrative keywords in your industry or niche. You can have the best possible content and yet not rank for your most relevant terms. Higher rankings can bring you a steady flow of traffic, thus increasing the chances to score more sales. Besides, organic search traffic is the best converting, so it has a much better quality than social media traffic. These being said, you have to do what it takes to improve your rankings.

Nonetheless, link building services isn’t a piece of cake. Not all links are good, so you need to know the difference between valuable authority backlinks and crappy ones. You need to know how fast to acquire these inbound links, in order to avoid those dreaded Google penalties that have thrown so many people out of business a while ago. One or two bad moves might be enough to throw you in hell, as well. In addition, recovering from a Google penalty is a very difficult and almost impossible process. The odds of recovery are extremely low, so you should try not to land in this spot to start with. Just make sure you do everything by the book, and hope you are going to be fine. There’s no guarantee when it comes to Google. You can be the most obedient SEO expert or webmaster out there and still risk a penalty. Besides, you might never be able to find out the real reason behind this, as Google doesn’t have a customer service to cater to all these small businesses and webmasters. If you get penalized, you are going to become yet another casualty in the war against spam, even though your business may be totally legit. Google is too big to care about minor casualties, so you should be extremely careful where you get those links from.

website backlinks

The best backlinking are the ones from websites that are in your industry or in a related one. It’s better to find websites with high authority and contact their owners to ask for a link. Nonetheless, you should be aware nobody is willing to give away links just like that. You need to offer them something in exchange. This can be a discount, a special promotion or anything else you may think about. You could provide them a nicely crafted article to publish on their website. This is actually the best method to obtain links from lots of websites. However, you shouldn’t fall into the temptation of asking anybody and their cat for a link, as this isn’t going to take you a long way. You need to do your research very well before ending up with a list of websites to contact. Once you’ve done your work, sit back, relax and keep track of your rankings.

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